Presenting the quintessential flavours of indian street food served with contemporary style and elegance.

Welcome to Biryani Street - the newest addition to Dubai’s vibrant food arena. At Biryani Street we intend to serve not only the tastiest and best Indian fare, but also offer a glimpse of the zesty Indian street food scene.

Our chefs infuse every traditional dish with delicious twists, surprising and delighting guests as they savor their favorites. Our rustic interiors, with the brick walls, casually laid out tables & chairs and all the colorful filigree are designed to exude warmth and put guests at ease as they settle down for a great meal. The staff at Biryani Street is well versed in the art of guest service and are experts in serving up memorable experiences.

We look forward to serving you soon.

We cater for events and functions.
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Indian food is like a classical music raga - it takes time to build up to a crescendo

Author Shobha Dé

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